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Who among the following has become the first Indian author to win “Conspiracy Novel of the Year” award was presented to which Indian author by the American Literary Forum Society?

[A] Nikhil Chandwani
[B] Amithav Ghosh
[C] Ravichandran Singh
[D] Chetan Baghat
[E] None of these
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jugal kishore Mahanta
jugal kishore Mahanta - 1 year ago

jugal kishore Mahanta from Hyderabad, India is saying Chetan Baghat is correct answer

Preethi Sharma
Preethi Sharma - 1 year ago

Preethi Sharma from Hyderabad, India is saying Nikhil Chandwani is correct answer

Prerna Goel
Prerna Goel - 2 years ago

Prerna Goel from New Delhi, India is saying Amithav Ghosh is correct answer

Dawood Parkar
Dawood Parkar - 2 years ago

Dawood Parkar from Ratnagiri, India is saying Chetan Baghat is correct answer

Biswakarma Geeta Geeta
Biswakarma Geeta Geeta - 2 years ago

Biswakarma Geeta Geeta from Guwahati, India is saying Ravichandran Singh is correct answer

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