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The blood which leaves the liver and moves to the heart has a higher concentration of

[A] Glucose
[B] Bile Pigments
[C] Bile
[D] Urea
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kaneez - 4 years ago

pls give the right answers

SHIBANI PRADHAN - 5 years ago

can u explain me sir why bile or why not bile pigments

mercy kasa - 6 years ago

C the answer is Bile

Aishwarya Maharana
Aishwarya Maharana - 4 years ago

Aishwarya Maharana from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Glucose is correct answer

Navjot Dadwal
Navjot Dadwal - 4 years ago

Navjot Dadwal from Hoshiarpur, India is saying Bile Pigments is correct answer

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