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Who was Michelangelo ?

[A] Great Actor
[B] Great Historian
[C] Great Sculptor
[D] None of above
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Aaliya Shamim
Aaliya Shamim - 7 months ago

Aaliya Shamim from Patna, India is saying Great Sculptor is correct answer

Sunil Kumar R
Sunil Kumar R - 1 year ago

Sunil Kumar R from Bengaluru, India is saying Great Historian is correct answer

Sudha Navaneethan
Sudha Navaneethan - 1 year ago

Sudha Navaneethan from Chennai, India is saying Great Sculptor is correct answer

Dinesh Garg
Dinesh Garg - 1 year ago

Dinesh Garg from Jind, India is saying Great Sculptor is correct answer

Ashar Sheikh Ashoo
Ashar Sheikh Ashoo - 2 years ago

Ashar Sheikh Ashoo from Karachi, Pakistan is saying Great Actor is correct answer

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