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As per the provisions made in Union Budget 2013-14, what will be the contributory share of customs in Rs 1 earning of union Government?

[A] 11 paise
[B] 10 paise
[C] 9 paise
[D] 8 paise
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जितु माली
जितु माली - 1 year ago

जितु माली from Jaipur, India is saying 10 paise is correct answer

Shivani Suman Nigam
Shivani Suman Nigam - 1 year ago

Shivani Suman Nigam from New Delhi, India is saying 10 paise is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 3 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying 9 paise is correct answer

nupur aggarwal
nupur aggarwal - 3 years ago

nupur aggarwal from Meerut, India is saying 11 paise is correct answer

Shaikh Anarul
Shaikh Anarul - 3 years ago

Shaikh Anarul from Singapore, Singapore is saying 8 paise is correct answer

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