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Which one of the following zones of the atmosphere is rich in Ozone gas ?

[A] Mesosphere
[B] Troposphere
[C] Stratosphere
[D] Ionosphere
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Adonai Tadiwanashe - 3 years ago

answer is c

Sandeep Kumar - 3 years ago

answer is c

Jitendra Yadav
Jitendra Yadav - 2 months ago

Jitendra Yadav is saying Ionosphere is correct answer

dharamsoth ramesh
dharamsoth ramesh - 3 months ago

dharamsoth ramesh from Hyderabad, India is saying Stratosphere is correct answer

Abhiram Tripathi
Abhiram Tripathi - 6 months ago

Abhiram Tripathi from Indore, India is saying Ionosphere is correct answer

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