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The mass of water vapour per unit volume of air is known as ?

[A] Relative humidity
[B] Specific humidity
[C] Absolute humidity
[D] Variable humidity
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M ALi SHa - 1 year ago

My answer is c

Adonai Tadiwanashe - 2 years ago

answer is a

Ananya Rakshit
Ananya Rakshit - 2 weeks ago

Ananya Rakshit from Bankura, India is saying Relative humidity is correct answer

Nan Khin Thida Swe
Nan Khin Thida Swe - 1 month ago

Nan Khin Thida Swe from Yangon, Myanmar is saying Absolute humidity is correct answer

Kumar rahul
Kumar rahul - 1 month ago

Kumar rahul from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Relative humidity is correct answer

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