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Which one of the following features is not a product of volcanism ?

[A] An Erratic
[B] A Dyke
[C] A Crater
[D] A Geyser
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kolowai - 5 years ago

what does mean by Erratic?

Navjot Dadwal
Navjot Dadwal - 4 years ago

Navjot Dadwal from Hoshiarpur, India is saying A Dyke is correct answer

Vicky Malik
Vicky Malik - 4 years ago

Vicky Malik from Delhi, India is saying A Crater is correct answer

Prabal Yadav
Prabal Yadav - 4 years ago

Prabal Yadav from Nunmati, India is saying An Erratic is correct answer

Nancee Atlanta
Nancee Atlanta - 4 years ago

Nancee Atlanta from Duluth, United States is saying A Dyke is correct answer

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