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Kathak is a classical dance of

[A] North India
[B] Tamilnadu
[C] Manipur
[D] Kerala
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Iranna Bhagoji
Iranna Bhagoji - 5 months ago

Iranna Bhagoji from Thrissur, India is saying North India is correct answer

Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta - 7 months ago

Akash Gupta from Patna, India is saying Kerala is correct answer

Jay - 9 months ago

Jay from Imphal, India is saying Tamilnadu is correct answer

Chand D
Chand D - 10 months ago

Chand D from Mangalore, India is saying Tamilnadu is correct answer

Andy Fake
Andy Fake - 1 year ago

Andy Fake from Kolkata, India is saying Tamilnadu is correct answer

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