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When was Prophet Mohammed born ?

[A] 570 A.D
[B] 375 A.D
[C] 43 A.D
[D] 4 A.D
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Prabal Yadav
Prabal Yadav - 4 years ago

Prabal Yadav from Nunmati, India is saying 43 A.D is correct answer

SANTASWARUP DAS - 4 years ago

SANTASWARUP DAS from Kolkata, India is saying 375 A.D is correct answer

Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar
Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar - 4 years ago

Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar from Kolkata, India is saying 570 A.D is correct answer

anjali singh
anjali singh - 4 years ago

anjali singh from Jalandhar, India is saying 375 A.D is correct answer

vishwajeet kumar
vishwajeet kumar - 4 years ago

vishwajeet kumar from Bengaluru, India is saying 375 A.D is correct answer

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