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US mathematician John Nash, has won Noble prize in the field of?

[A] Literature
[B] Chemistry
[C] Physics
[D] Peace
[E] Economics
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Rambabu katiyar
Rambabu katiyar - 1 year ago

Rambabu katiyar from Vadodara, India is saying Economics is correct answer

Roz Saiyed
Roz Saiyed - 1 year ago

Roz Saiyed from Navsari, India is saying Economics is correct answer

Poonam Passi
Poonam Passi - 2 years ago

Poonam Passi from Niazpur, India is saying Physics is correct answer

Raj More
Raj More - 2 years ago

Raj More from Pune, India is saying Economics is correct answer

Inderjit singh ubhi
Inderjit singh ubhi - 2 years ago

Inderjit singh ubhi from Faridabad, India is saying Literature is correct answer

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