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Mangesh Padgaonkar, who passed away recently, was associated to which field?

[A] Music
[B] Journalism
[C] Sports
[D] Poetry
[E] Literature
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V.M.Singh - 1 year ago

V.M.Singh from Ludhiana, India is saying Music is correct answer

Kuber Iyer
Kuber Iyer - 1 year ago

Kuber Iyer from Delhi, India is saying Literature is correct answer

Karan Singh
Karan Singh - 1 year ago

Karan Singh from Kolkata, India is saying Poetry is correct answer

TLL - 1 year ago

TLL from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is saying Poetry is correct answer

Vijay Dongare
Vijay Dongare - 2 years ago

Vijay Dongare from Pune, India is saying Poetry is correct answer

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