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Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of :

[A] Seven days
[B] One month
[C] One year
[D] Fourteen days
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Sunny Anchu - 3 years ago

[D] Fourteen days

Sonu Kumar
Sonu Kumar - 1 month ago

Sonu Kumar from Purnea, India is saying Fourteen days is correct answer

Ranju Roy
Ranju Roy - 1 month ago

Ranju Roy from Kolkata, India is saying Seven days is correct answer

Balachandra H Balu
Balachandra H Balu - 1 month ago

Balachandra H Balu from Bengaluru, India is saying Fourteen days is correct answer

MOHD SHAARIF - 5 months ago

MOHD SHAARIF from Delhi, India is saying Fourteen days is correct answer

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