UGC NET Economics Paper II Answer Key

Here is the answer key for the economics paper II held by CBSE UGC NET in June 2015. You can download the pdf file for economics paper.
1. In which one of the following market situation are the firms mutually interdependent in pricing and output decisions ?
[A] Oligopoly
[B] Monopsony
[C] Monopoly
[D] Monopolistic Competition
2. "Value and Capital" is written by who among the following economists ?
[A] Hanson
[B] Philipes
[C] Ursula
[D] J.R.Hicks
3. Giffen Paradox occur when income effect is ?
[A] Greater than the substitution effect
[B] Equal to the substitution effect
[C] Less than the substitution effect
[D] Less than the substitution effect
4. Which one of the following curves will respond the supply curve of labour ?
[A] Marginal product curve of labour
[B] Marginal revenue product curve of labour
[C] Value of marginal product curve of labour
[D] Average product curve of labour
5. Limit price refers to the ?
[A] Price which maximizes the profits of the firm
[B] Price which prevents entry of new firms
[C] Price at which firm just starts earning a surplus over cost
[D] Maximum price which the firm is allowed to change
6. General Pareto Optimality exists where ?

[A] a
[B] b
[C] c
[D] d
7. Advertisement is common in which of the following markets ?

(i) Oligopoly
(ii) Perfect Competition
(iii) Monopolistic Competition
(iv) Monopoly

Choose from the codes below:
[A] (i) and (iii)
[B] (ii) and (iii)
[C] Only (i)
[D] Only (iii)
8. Intellectual property rights regime is managed by ?
[B] W.T.O
[C] European Union
9. Which of the following statements are true for a Euro currency market ? Answer from the codes below:

(i) Its existence affects the effective conduct of monetary policy
(ii) It is a highly regulated market.
[A] Both (i) and (ii) are true
[B] Neither (i) nor (ii) is true
[C] Only (i) is true
[D] Only (ii) is true
10. According to Heckscher - ohlin theorem, a nation will export a commodity which is ?
[A] Intensive in its relatively abundant factor
[B] Intensive in its relatively cheap factor
[C] Both (1) and (2) are necessary
[D] Neither (1) nor (2) in necessary
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