About Us

EduZip provides the advanced learning features.Competition motivates us, gives us a sense of perspective and generally keeps us on our toes. EduZip is basically the competitive success site.

Here you can find multiple choice questions, interview questions, one word questions with answers and appropriate explanation. The site covers almost all the categories which are helpful in various competitive exams.

In addition to all these contents, EduZip is also filled with the fully solved previous exam papers of various fields which helps a lot for those who are preparing for competitive success.

EduZip also allows people to publish their valuable contents and knowledge to others and get paid for that.Various incentive schemes are given to such people who are interested to work with us with our own terms and conditions.

In short EduZip is a complete package form where readers of all fields can get advantage and be a competitive winners

What are major topics explained in EduZip.com?

  1. General Knowledge
  2. English Vocabulary
  3. Programming Languages
    1. C Programming
    2. C++ Programming
    3. Java Programming
    4. .Net
  4. Computer Science
    1. Database Management System (DBMS)
    2. Data Structure
    3. Computer Networks
    4. Operating system
    5. MS Office
    6. Computer Fundamentals
  5. Previous Examinations
    1. Teachers Eligibility Test (TET)
    2. UGC
    3. NET
    4. Bank Exams
  6. Aptitude Test  
    1. Time & Work 
    2. Pipes and cisterns 
    3. Problems on Trains 
    4. Direction Sense Test 
    5. Problems on Numbers
  7. English Section
    1. One word Substitutes
    2. Synonyms
    3. Antonyms
    4. Idioms and Phrases
    5. Preposition