CBSE 10th Class Mathematics

10th Class - CBSE - 15 Topics

Class 10 Maths contains 15 chapters each covering important topics that will help students learn in detail about various mathematical concepts and formulas. The chapter Real Numbers teaches students about rational numbers, irrational numbers, algebraic, fractions and more. Then, Polynomials will explain variables, powers, exponents, and more. After that, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables will explain graphical and algebraic methods. Next, Quadratic equations are about finding roots of quadratic equations, nature of roots and more. Further, Arithmetic Expressions will explain types of an arithmetic sequence, nth term, and more. Moreover, Triangles explains everything about these shapes from their types to their applications. Coordinate Geometry will discuss axis, coordinates, slopes, origins and more. After that, Introduction to Trigonometry will dive deep into trigonometry and its uses. The Circles chapter will explain all terms like centre, radius, diameter and more. Next, the chapter of Constructions discusses tangent constructions and division of line segments. Areas Related to Circles will cover the concept of area, the perimeter of the circle, a segment of circle and more. Then, Surface Area and Volumes are about the cube, cylinder, cones and other shapes. Finally, Statistics and Probability will be about the presentation of data in different forms and likeliness of events to happen.

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