KBC Season 8 Episode 2 (19th August 2014)

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 19th August Episode questions and answers are found here.
1. On which festival is this song performed in the film ?
[A] Diwali
[B] Janmashtami
[C] Ganesh Chaturthi
[D] Holi
2. Which of these spices is the smallest in size ?
[A] Jeera
[B] Saunf
[C] Ajwain
[D] Methi Seeds
3. If Jwala Gupta and Ashwini Ponnappa compete as partners, in which sport are they participating ?
[A] Tennis
[B] Badminton
[C] Squash
[D] Table Tennis
4. Which battle is 1757 marked the beginning of British occupation in India ?
[A] Buxer
[B] Cuddalore
[C] Plassey
[D] Assaye
5. What kind of creature was Bakasur, whom Kansa sent to kill Sri Krishna in his childhood ?
[A] Bird
[B] Snake
[C] Lizard
[D] Deer
6. Which is the second most spoken language of Nepal ?
[A] Bajjika
[B] Magahi
[C] Bhojpuri
[D] Maithili
7. Who are the only married couple elected to the 16th Lok Sabha ?
[A] Sukhbir Singh - Harsimrat Kaur Badal
[B] Pappu Yadav - Ranjeet Rajan
[C] Prakash - Brinda Karat
[D] Priya Rajan - Deepa Dasmunsi
8. Which of these is one of the four stages of human life in ancient Indian tradition ?
[A] Dronacharya
[B] Vasudevacharya
[C] Kripacharya
[D] Brahmacharya
9. In which of these two sports is the term 'free hit' used ?
[A] Football, Squash
[B] Badminton, Tennis
[C] Hockey, Cricket
[D] Boxing, Wrestling

Which of these medical conditions is most likely to cause dehydration ?

[A] Malaria
[B] Tetanus
[C] Beriberi
[D] Diarrhoea
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