KBC Season 9 Questions Asked for Registration With Answers

KBC 2017 : KBC 9 - Registration

All Questions Asked in KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI Season 9 Registration with Answers. Answer the below question to Register for KBC and participate in India's biggest reality game show.

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First Question: 17th June 2017

1. In which kingdom is the story of the ‘Bahubali’ series of films mainly set?
[A] Magadh
[B] Mahishmati
[C] Kalinga
[D] Badami

Answer: B. Mahishmati


Mahishmati was an ancient city located in central India. It is mentioned in several ancient texts, and may have flourished as late as until 13th century, as indicated by a Paramara inscription.

Second Question: 18th June 2017

2. Currency notes of what denomination were demonetised in November last year by the Reserve Bank of India ?
[A] Rs 500 & Rs 1000
[B] Rs 1000 & Rs 10,000
[C] Rs 1000 & Rs 5000
[D] Rs 500 & Rs 2000

Answer: A. Rs 500 & Rs 1000

Third Question : 19th June 2017

3. Which of the following athletes performs the Produnova routine in her sport ?
[A] Dipa Karmakar
[B] Deepa Malik
[C] Saina Nehwal
[D] Sakshi Malik

Answer: A. Dipa Karmakar


Dipa Karmakar, is an artistic gymnast, who represented India at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is the first Bengali as well as Indian female gymnast ever to compete in the Olympics, and the first Indian gymnast to do so in 52 years.

Fourth Question: 20th June 2017

4. Who is the subject of the documentary film “____: A Billion Dreams”?
[A] M S Dhoni
[B] Mukesh Ambani
[C] Narendra Modi
[D] Sachin Tendulkar

Answer: D. Sachin Tendulkar

5th Question : 21 June 2017

5. Which one of these mythological figures was adopted and raised by a king of Mithila?
[A] Drapadi
[B] Radha
[C] Kunti
[D] Sita

Answer: D. Sita

6. On 30th Nov 2016, who ordered that cinema halls in India shall play the national anthem before the screening of a feature film?
[A] Censor board
[B] Union ministry of I & B
[C] Supreme court of india
[D] Prime minister of india

Answer: C. Supreme court of india

7. At the International Court of Justice, India is contesting the death penalty given by Pakistan to which Indian national?
[A] Kulbushan jadhav
[B] Kashmir singh
[C] Chandu chavan
[D] Sheikh nabi ahmad

Answer: A. Kulbushan jadhav

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Durga 2 weeks ago Reply

hello sir how r u?

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Amit Sir Jee Namaskaar ! Big B Sir Jee Plz Give Me More Chance .

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Amitabh Bachchan Sir Jee Namaskaar !Big B Sir Yaad Hai Na !Ab Sir Jee Plz Give Me Chance.....Subodh Kumar

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Arvind 1 month ago Reply

To be selected there is two audition always in which questions asked, after that you will get chance

sapna Arjun patil 1 month ago Reply

Q-1)- B
Q-2)- A
Q-4)- D

Ashish kumar Sinha 1 month ago Reply

KBC increase the knowledge of Power

dularam 1 month ago Reply

Q1 b
Q2 a
Q3 a
Q4 d
Q5 d
Q6 c
Q7 a

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dilip kumar 1 month ago Reply

dilip kumar

Abhishek Alexander 1 month ago Reply

1- b
2- a
3- a
4- d
5- d
6- c
7- a

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Shubham 1 month ago Reply

Sir give me a one chance
I trying to this opportunity sin's last five years

dularam 1 month ago Reply

Answe (a)

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continue try last 5 year.but not sucess

amandeep mirdha 1 month ago Reply

Answer C Supreme Court hai

amandeep mirdha 1 month ago Reply

Am trying since 18 years but I didn't get opportunity

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C suprem court of india

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Jio se massege send nahi hote amit ji