KBC 9 All Questions Asked in Episode 8 (6th September 2017)

Today KBC 9 Questions Asked in Episode 8 on 6th September 2017

1. In June 2016, which minister replied to a tweet thus, 'Brother I cannot help you in matters of a refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress' ?
[A] Suresh Prabhu
[B] Sushma Swaraj
[C] Smriti Irani
[D] Rajnath Singh
2. The name of which of these Indian missiles has been derived from the names of an Indian and  Russian Rivers ?
[A] Heilna
[B] Brahmos
[C] Nag
[D] Amogha
3. Mother Teresa was declared a 'saint' by which of these popes ?
[A] Pope John Paul I
[B] Pope John Paul II
[C] Pope Benedict XVI
[D] Pope Francis
4. Which cricket team, along with Ireland, was given Test status in 2017 ?
[A] Scotland
[B] Kenya
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Namibia
5. Which of these prime ministers did not die while in office ?
[A] Rajiv Gandhi
[B] Indira Gandhi
[C] Lal Bahadur Shastri
[D] Jawaharlal Nehru
6. In 2016, Which of these nations announced its decision to withdraw from the commonwealth of Nation ?
[A] Singapore
[B] Maldives
[C] Bangladesh
[D] Malaysia
7. Starting from the northernmost, arrange  these Union Territories from north to south
A. Puducherry
B. Delhi
C. Chandigarh
D. Daman and Diu
8. Which Indian city's name is also a word in Hindi for a person's face ?
[A] Nashik
[B] Surat
[C] Indore
[D] Pune
9. Which of these Hindi idioms means "running away" ?
[A] Rafoochakkar hona
[B] Taabadtod
[C] Ram Ram Japna
[D] Jungle me mangal karna
10. Government of India's Minimum Support Price (MSP) scheme helps to protect the interest of which group of people ?
[A] Students
[B] Retailers
[C] Farmers
[D] Soldiers
Are these questions helpful for you?

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Bono yara 5 years ago Reply

I liked it it's not easy very tuff questions

Pankaj Mithlesh 5 years ago Reply

This programme gave more knowledge to us all