KBC 2017 Episode 7 Questions and Answers Asked on 5th September 2017

KBC 9 Episode 7 Questions and Answers asked on 5th September 2017

1. Which of these Hindi idioms means to deny or say no to something?
[A] Taang Kheechna
[B] Thenga Dikhana
[C] Dil Jalana
[D] Naak Chadhana
2. Which is the longest key on a which standard computer keyboard?
[A] Space bar
[B] Enter
[C] Shift
[D] Backspace
3. Your father is twice the age of your younger sister, who is 5 years younger than you. If you happen to be 30, how old is your dad?
[A] 60
[B] 65
[C] 50
[D] 55
4. The character singing this song is a fan of which actor in the film ?
[A] Aryan Khanna
[B] Abram Khan
[C] Aman Mathur
[D] Raj Malhotra
5. With respect to the economy, 'direct' and 'indirect' are types of which one of the following?
[A] Bank Accounts
[B] Taxes
[C] Inflation
[D] Deficit
6. In which sport did Dipa Karmakar represent India at the 2016 Olympics?
[A] Badminton
[B] Gymnastics
[C] Chess
[D] Tennis
7. Arrange these ailments, from the bottom to the top of human body according to the parts they mainly affect?

A. Kidney stone
B. Goitre
C. Flat Foot
D. Night Blindness
8. According to a song from the film 'Sultan', what does Baby like?
[A] Bass
[B] Sound
[C] Volume
[D] Treble
9. In a clock, in how much time will the second's hand complete a full circle, rotating 360 degrees?
[A] 60 second's
[B] 1 minute 10 seconds
[C] 2 minute's
[D] 45 second's
10. Which of the following spices is actually a dried leaf?
[A] Javitri
[B] Kalaunji
[C] Kasoori Methi
[D] Dalchini
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Bharti 10 months ago Reply

KBC program will always be appreciated and it has huge audience.

Rahul Shukla 10 months ago Reply

KBC is a very beautiful and wonderful game. Everyone should rightly use their knowledge in this game.