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After wishing Diwali to everyone, Amitabh Bachchan started the episode with the rollover contestant Ayyaj Shabbir Mulla. He had won 80,000 in the last episode and resumed his game with the 9th question. After passing that one, he was stuck at the 10th question and that's when he decided to opt for the lifeline- audience poll. With its aid, he managed to answer that correctly and bagged the prize money of 3,20,000.

KBC 9 Episode 39 Questions and Answers asked on 19th October 2017 (Diwali)

11. Identify this actor from this audio clip
[A] Rajesh Khana
[B] Vinod Khanna
[C] Rishi Kapoor
[D] Shatrughan Sinha
12. According to the Mahabharta, who among these was the father-in-law of Abhimanyu?
[A] Hardik
[B] Virat
[C] Shikhar
[D] Mahendra
13. Which of these group of bones protects the human lungs?
[A] Phalanges
[B] Metatarsals
[C] Pelvis
[D] Ribs
14. which of these birds build its nests on the ground?
[A] Partridge
[B] Woodpecker
[C] Weaver Bird
[D] Cuckoo
15. Rufiya is the monetary unit of which Asian country?

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[A] Cambodia
[B] Maldives
[C] Thailand
[D] Myanmar
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