KBC 9 Episode 37 Today Questions and Answers (17th Oct 2017)

KBC 9 Today GBJJ Questions and Answers asked in episode 37 on 17th Oct 2017.

1. Which of these numbers combinations informally means "all the time ?
[A] 9/11
[B] 20/20
[C] 24/7
[D] 26/11
2. With which of these body parts would you normally associate the term 'Six Pack'
[A] Triceps
[B] Thighs
[C] Biceps
[D] Abdomen
3. What is being described in this Satirical song ?
[A] Make in India
[B] Demonetization
[D] Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
4. In which augmented reality smartphone game, released in 2016, do the players have to capture monster from their surroundings ?
[A] Pokemon Go
[B] Temple Run
[C] Subway Surfer
[D] Zombie Run
5. Tommy Singh and Haider Meer are characters played by which of these actors in his film carrer ?
[A] Ranbir Kapoor
[B] Ranveer Singh
[C] Shahid Kapoor
[D] Akshay Kumar
6. Which of the following is the name of a bird and also a cricket ball manufacture ?
[A] Myna
[B] Magpie
[C] Spinball
[D] Kookaburra
7. Which of these eminent lawyers, who recently retired from judicial practice in September 2017, has contested elections for the President of India ?
[A] Harish Salve
[B] Ram Jethmalani
[C] K K Venugopal
[D] Kapil Sibal
8. Which of the following is not the name of a galaxy ?
[A] Andromeda
[B] Milky Way
[C] Tadpole
[D] Eledra
9. Which of these forces was raised in the 1990s to deal with insurgency in Kashmir ?
[A] Rashtriya Rifles
[B] National Security Guard
[C] Special Frontier Force
[D] Ghatak Force
10. Which of these rappers' real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia ?
[A] Yo Yo Honey Singh
[B] Blaaze
[C] Baba Sehgal
[D] Badshah
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Dinbandhu Shelke 5 years ago Reply

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krishna parbat 5 years ago Reply

kbc -9, episode -38 question and answer post korun.please help me.

krishna parbat 5 years ago Reply

KBC - 9,episode- 38 question post korun please reply me.

Rubi Ali 5 years ago Reply

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