KBC 9 Episode 33 - Amitabh Bachchan's Birthday Celebrations Sepcial Episode (11th October 2017)

KBC 2017 : KBC 9 - Episode 33

KBC 9 Episode 33 Questions and Answers asked on 11th October 2017.

We are Celebrating 75th Birthday Celebration of the Great Legend Sr Amitabh Bachchan.

Be a part of legend SrBachchan‘s Birthday celebrations on 11th October at 9 PM only on KBC.

Its fantastic to see Amitabh at 75 on the set of KBC. Really its an Celebration time and moment to watch. So stay tuned with KBC on SONY TV. Here is some clip before the episode to make you feel that moment.

1. Who is the actor in this song ?
(Song : Mein ton raste se ja raha tha, mein ton ladki ghuma raha tha)
[A] Anil Kapoor
[B] Govinda
[C] Sunny deol
[D] Jackie Shoff

Answer: B. Govinda

2. Which of these animals is a carrier of the H1M1 virus ?
[A] Dog
[B] Buffalo
[C] Pig
[D] Goat

Answer: C. Pig

3. What is the commonly used term to denote the mostly Islamic ethnic community located in Rakhine state, Myanmar ?
[A] Siddi
[B] Rohingya
[C] Pashtun
[D] Rohilla

Answer: B. Rohingya

4. Which of the following dance forms derives its name from a Sanskrit word for beauty ?
[A] Lavni
[B] Ghoomar
[C] Sattriya
[D] Kathak

Answer: A. Lavni

5. Which of the following film personalities is a father of twins ?
[A] Tusshar Kapoor
[B] Hrithik Roshan
[C] Saif Ali Khan
[D] Karan Johar

Answer: D. Karan Johar

6. Draupadi laughed at whom when he fell in a pool of water at the great hall of Maya at Indraprastha?
[A] Karna
[B] Duryodhana
[C] Shakuni
[D] Shishupala

Answer: B. Duryodhana

7. Who among these has served as the Union Cabinet Minister of Agriculture for the longest duration?
[A] Jagjivan Ram
[B] Gurdial Singh Dhillon
[C] Sharad Pawar
[D] Nitish Kumar

Answer: C. Sharad Pawar

8. Nilgiri, Himalayan and Arabian are types of which of these?
नीलगिरि, हिमालयन और अरेबियन इनमें से किसके प्रकार हैं?
[A] Wild Cat
[B] Tahr
[C] Camel
[D] Antelope

Answer: B. Tahr


Tahrs are three species of large Asian artiodactyl ungulates related to the wild goat. Until recently the three species were believed to be closely related and were placed in a single genus, Hemitragus.

Now they are considered as members of three separate monotypic genera; Hemitragus is now reserved for the Himalayan Tahr; Nilgiritragus for the Nilgiri Tahr; and Arabitragus for the Arabian Tahr
9. Starting from the highest, arrange these civilian awards in order

A. Padma Vibhushan
B. Bharat Ratna
C. Padma Bhushan
D. Padma Shri

Answer: A. BACD

10. Complete this saying which is generally written on the back of trucks, 'Buri nazar waale ____'
[A] Tera Munh Kaala
[B] Tere Haath Peele
[C] Tera Munh Tedha
[D] Tu Ho Ganja

Answer: A. Tera Munh Kaala

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