Today KBC 2017 GBJJ Questions and Answers (22nd September 2017)

Play KBC 9 GBJJ Questions and Answers in Hindi and English Asked on 22nd September 2017 by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in Episode 20.

1. Adding 'table' and 'lawn' before which of these words forms the names of two different sports ?
[A] Tennis
[B] Golf
[C] Badminton
[D] Baseball
2. On which actress was this song originally picturised ?
[A] Sridevi
[B] Madhuri Dixit
[C] Manisha Koirala
[D] Juhi Chawla
3. Which of these is nearest to the south pole ?
[A] Arctic Circle
[B] Tropic of cancer
[C] Equator
[D] Tropic of Capricon
4. In which year will we celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi ?
[A] 2015
[B] 2017
[C] 2019
[D] 2021
5. Which member of the cat family is largest  in terms of length and weight ?
[A] Tiger
[B] Lion
[C] Cheetah
[D] Leopard
6. Which of these monuments or landmark was built by the Mughals ?
[A] Mughal Gardens, Delhi
[B] Great Stupa, Sanchi
[C] Qutub Minar, Delhi
[D] Red Fort, Delhi
7. Who was presented with the Dadasahib Phalke award in May 2017 ?
[A] K Vishwanath
[B] Manoj Kumar
[C] Soumitra Chatterjee
[D] A C Tirulokachandar
8. Who among these has served as the Ambassador of India to the United Nations ?
[A] Mohd Hamid Ansari
[B] I K Gujral
[C] Mohd Hidayatullah
[D] Zakir Hussain
9. Who was the first Indian women to win the world Junior Badminton Championship ?
[A] P V Sindhu
[B] Aparna Balan
[C] Saina Nehwal
[D] Jwala Gutta
10. In the film 'Sholay' Whom did Kaalia address as 'sardaar' in the dialogue "Sardaar, maine aapka namak khaya hai"
[A] Thakur
[B] Sambha
[C] Gabbar
[D] Veeru
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