KBC Today Questions - KBC 9 Episode 17 All MCQs (19th Sept 2017

Kaun Banega Crorepati All Questions and Answers asked in Episode 17th on 19th Sept 2017. Get Answer of Today GBJJ Question.

1. Who am I? Ajay is my original first name. I was first elected to the lok sabha at the young age of 26. I became the CM of the state in 2017.
[A] Trivendra Singh Rawat
[B] Virbhadra Singh
[C] Yogi Adityanath
[D] N Biren Singh
2. Which of these countries withdrew from Paris Climate Accord in June 2017 ?
[A] North Korea
[B] United States of America
[C] India
[D] Ukraine
3. Who is the first player for Afghanistan to play in the IPL ?
[A] Dawlat Zadran
[B] Mohammad Shahzad
[C] Mohammad Nabi
[D] Rashid Khan
Fastest Finger First Question
4. Arrange these words so that they form the title of Salman Khan Film.
5. Which of the following expressions means to accept defeat?
[A] Aankh Dikhana
[B] Ghutne Tekna
[C] Muh Ferna
[D] Nazzar Par Chadhana
6. Complete this mystery question, '___ ne Baahubali ko kyun maara?', in connection with the film 'Baahubali: The Beginning'.
[A] Kalakeya
[B] Bijjaladeva
[C] Bhallaladeva
[D] Katappa
7. What is the process of transferring data from the Internet to your own computer called?
[A] Transporting
[B] Downloading
[C] Transforming
[D] Installing
8. Identify the singer (Audio on TV)
[A] Pankaj Udhas
[B] Adnan Sami
[C] Anup Jalota
[D] Roop Kumar Rathod
9. Who succeeded Raghuram Rajan as the RBI Governor in September 2016?
[A] AD Subharao
[B] Y V Reddy
[C] Urjit Patel
[D] Bimal Jalan
10. In chess, the combined powers of rook and bishop is equal to which one of these pieces?
[A] Pawn
[B] Queen
[C] King
[D] Knight
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Jayant Kumar Dey Sarkar 5 years ago Reply

On 22/9/2017 KBC question about 1st Indian to won the Nobel prize,wherin A,B, C,& D, in C & D options was Ravindra Nath Tagore and Mother Teresa respectively.the Answar was given by contestan as Mother Teresa , And won the Selection...thing is that Answer supposed to be Ravindra Nath Tagore... because Ist thing is Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Award and in India she wasn't 1st winner.therfore Answer was wrong and even Computer system selected wrong Answer as correct Answer.. please check ..and KBC officials should ask the quiz master Anurag Basu how this wrong answer could happen correct? As JIo's Ghar Baidhe Khelo KBC answer became wrong???

Keshari Sahoo 5 years ago Reply

There should be audio facility for jio charting contestant. It may be considered