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11th Episode of KBC 9 All Questions and Answers. Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Today Question Asked on 11th September 2017.

Today Contestants

  1. Anamika Jha
  2. Chand Kiran Tyagi
  3. Imtiyaz Khan Chauhan
  4. Rekha Devi
  5. Vikas Chavan
  6. Simiran Mohopatra (Today's Player)
  7. Veeresh Chaudhary
  8. Jaishri Jadhav
  9. Rajesh Kainthla (Today's Player)


11. Which of these Hindi words is not related to fire?
[A] Agni
[B] Pawak
[C] Jwala
[D] Vasant
12. Who is speaking about the GST in this audio clip? (Audio on TV)
[A] Kapil Sibal
[B] Manmohan singh
[C] Arjun Jaitley
[D] Urjit Patel
13. Which of these is the last in number?
[A] Planets in the Solar System
[B] Galaxies
[C] Comets in the Solar system
[D] Natural Satellites of the Earth
14. In the 'Don' films, which character was the lookalike of Don?
[A] Amit
[B] Dinanath
[C] Vijay
[D] Jai
15. Which of these political figures has not served in any of the Indian armed forces?
[A] Rajesh Pilot
[B] Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
[C] Amrinder Singh
[D] Rajiv Gandhi
16. Which of these rivers only flows inside Indian territory?
[A] Jhelum
[B] Chenab
[C] Brahmaputra
[D] Beas
17. Which of these big cats does not have the ability to produce a full-throated roar?
[A] Jaguar
[B] Snow Leopard
[C] Royal Bengal Tiger
[D] Asiatic Lion
18. Starting from the southernmost, arrange these religious sites from south to north

A. Vaishno Devi
B. Tripati Balaji
C. Golden Temple Amritsar
D. Shirdi Sai Baba
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