KBC 2017 Episode 11 LIVE Questions And Answers Asked on 11th Sept

11th Episode of KBC 9 All Questions and Answers. Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Today Question Asked on 11th September 2017.

Today Contestants

  1. Anamika Jha
  2. Chand Kiran Tyagi
  3. Imtiyaz Khan Chauhan
  4. Rekha Devi
  5. Vikas Chavan
  6. Simiran Mohopatra (Today's Player)
  7. Veeresh Chaudhary
  8. Jaishri Jadhav
  9. Rajesh Kainthla (Today's Player)


Fastest Finger First Question
1. Starting from January, arrange these tennis grand slams in order in what these are held in a year.
A. French Open
B. Wimbledon
C. US Open
D. Australian Open
2. The mirror image of which of these numbers written in English numerals, remains unchanged ?
[A] Sixty Nine
[B] Fifty Six
[C] Eighty Eight
[D] Thirty Three
3. Identify the Voice ?
[A] Akshay Kumar
[B] Saif Ali Khan
[C] jay Dewgn
[D] Suniel Shetty
4. Which one of these names of Lord Vishnu is derived from the Sanskrit for 'lotus' ?
[A] Jagannath
[B] Keshava
[C] Madhava
[D] Padmanabhe
5. What rank in the Indian Air Force is equivalent to a major in the Indian Army ?
[A] Wing Commander
[B] Squadron Leader
[C] Flight Lieutenant
[D] Air Commander
6. Which of these aquatic animals is a mammal ?
[A] Shark
[B] Squid
[C] River Dolphin
[D] Octopus
7. Which international airport in India became the first in the world to operate completely on solar power ?
[A] Indira Gandhi, New Delhi
[B] Chhatrapati Shivaji, Mumbai
[C] Rajiv Gandhi, Hyderabad
[D] Cochin International, Kochi
8. Which sport returned to the 2016 Rio Olympics after a gap of 112 years ?
[A] Cricket
[B] Golf
[C] Rugby
[D] Jude
Fastest Finger First Question
9. Arrange these chief ministers in the chronological order of their assuming the office of CM for the first time
A. Arvind Kejriwal
B. Yogi Adityanath
C. Mehbooba Mufti
D. Manohar Parrikar
10. Which of the following sweets contains milk as one of its main ingredients?
[A] Balibashi
[B] Malpua
[C] Kalakand
[D] Imarti
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