LIVE 10th Episode of KBC 2017 - Today KBC Questions and Answers Asked on 8th Sept

KBC 2017 Today Questions and Answers in Multiple Choice Questions format asked in Episode 10th of Season 9 (8th September 2017).

Special Guests:

  1. Anand Kumar
  2. Aniruddh Sinha
1. Alzheimer's disease mainly affects which part of the human body ?
[A] Eyes
[B] Ears
[C] Brain
[D] Stomach
2. Who is the heroine in this song ?
[A] Madhuri Dixit
[B] Karisma Kapoor
[C] Juhi Chawla
[D] Raveena Tandon
3. Aurangzeb Road, in  the heart of New Delhi, was re-named after which personally ?
[A] Guru Tegh Bahadur
[B] A P J Abdul Kalam
[C] Kanshi Ram
[D] Dara Shikoh
4. which of these real-life incidents of the 90s forms a backdrop of the film 'Jagga Jasoos' ?
[A] Mombay Blasts
[B] Ganesh Idols Drinking Milk
[C] Purulia Arms Drop Case
[D] Jessica Lall Murder
5. Which of these is also the title of a 2016 Hindi film ?
[A] Blue
[B] Pink
[C] Yellow
[D] Green
6. In the expression 'Rising mercury fuels demand for Acs', rise in mercury refers to what?
[A] Rainfall
[B] Wind
[C] Temperature
[D] Snowfall
7. Who is the singer of this ghazal? (Audio on TV)
[A] Begum Akhtar
[B] abida parveen
[C] Farida Khunum
[D] Noor Jehan
8. On the banks of which river did Gandhiji establish his ashram in 1917, close to the place believed to be the site of Rishi Dadhichi’s gurukul?
[A] Tapti
[B] Narmada
[C] Mahi
[D] Sabarmati
9. Which of these personalities is not an alumnus of an Indian Institute of Technology?
[A] Sundar Pichai
[B] Arvind Kejriwal
[C] Satya Nadella
[D] Nandan Nilekani
10. Who among the following has held the office of Vice-President of India for two consecutive terms?
[A] Mohammad Hamid Ansari
[B] Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
[C] Shankar Dayal Sharma
[D] Krishan Kant
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