KBC 7 Episode 9th (22nd September 2013)

KBC 7 Episode 9 (22nd September 2013) Questions and answers from episode 9 dated September 22, 2013 from KBC Season 7
1. Boal, Tengra and Magur are all species of which marine creature?
[A] Prawns
[B] Fish
[C] Crabs
[D] Turtles
2. Metal tools and machines are worshipped during which of these festivals?
[A] Baisakhi
[B] Dhanteras
[C] Vishvakarma Puja
[D] Saraswati Puja
3. Which of these is used as the universal symbol for the fight against HIV/AIDS?
[A] Blue Circle
[B] Red Ribbon
[C] Pink Balloon
[D] White Bird
4. Which of these is a popular game?
[A] Twitter
[B] Angry Birds
[C] Whatsapp
[D] Instagram
5. 'Mona Darling', played by Bindu and Mahie Gill in films , was an associate of which villain?
[A] Teja
[B] Mogambo
[C] Gabbar
[D] Shakaal
6. Which of these is a type of Visa that allows free movement across most European countries?
[A] Geneva
[B] Schengen
[C] Prague
[D] Maastricht
7. Reita Faria, Diana Hayden and Yukta Mookhey have all won which of these titles?
[A] Miss Universe
[B] Miss Earth
[C] Miss Asia Pacific
[D] Miss World
8. Which football club won the English Premier League in 2012 after a gap of 44 years?
[A] Queens Park Rangers
[B] Newcastle United
[C] Liverpool
[D] Manchester City
9. Which of these garments if named an atoll in the Marshall islands?
[A] Capris
[B] Bikini
[C] Bermuda
[D] Hoodie
10. Mother of the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was the Begum of which princely state of India?
[A] Gwalior
[B] Alwar
[C] Bhopal
[D] Rampur
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