KBC 7 5th Episode (14 September 2013)

Here are the questions asked in 5th episode of KBC season 7 that was played on 14 September 2013
1. In 2013, India's Pinki Sonkar flipped the coin for the toss for which of these events?
[A] Wimbledon mens singles Final
[B] First Ashes test
[C] Australian open Ladies Singles final
[D] Champions Trophy Fina
2. Which gas is the most reactive of all chemical elements?
[A] Oxygen
[B] Chlorine
[C] fluorine
[D] hydrogen
3. Which of these is a song picturised on Sharmila Tagore from the film 'Amar Prem'?
[A] Raina Beeti Jaye,
[B] Kohli Na Aye,
[C] Yuvi sateiyein,
[D] Gambhir rulaye
4. In the human body, what makes the pupil of an eye contract or dilate?
[A] Hunger
[B] Thirst
[C] Light
[D] Sound
5. NR Narayana Murthy was appointed Executive chairman of IT Giant in 2013?
[A] Infosys
6. What is the name of India's first ever indigenous aircraft carrier launched in August 2013?
[A] INS Viraat
[B] INS Shaurya
[C] INS chakra
[D] INS Vikrant
7. BP Mandal, who chaired the second backward classes commission, also known as Mandal commission, served as chief minister of which state?
[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Bihar
[C] West Bengal
[D] Odisha
8. Who is the author of the poem 'Where the mind is without fear'?
[A] Muhammad Iqbal
[B] Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
[C] RabindraNath Tagore
[D] Sri Aurobindo
9. To reach which of these places do pilgrims start their journey on foot from Gauri Kund?
[A] Badrinath
[B] Kedarnath
[C] Vaishano Devi
[D] Amarnath
10. Which of these sportsmen started his carrier as a travelling ticket examiner with Indian railways?
[A] Bhuvneshwar Kumar
[B] Shikhar Dhawan
[C] Ravinder Jadeja
[D] Mahendra Singh Dhoni
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