KBC 7 24th Episode (2nd November 2013)

Following questions are from the 24th Episode of KBC season 7 that was held on 2nd November 2013.
1. The leaves of which of these trees are the smallest?
[A] Ashoka
[B] Peepul
[C] Babool
[D] Coconut
2. In Sep 2013, the supreme court of India directed the EC to make a provision for which button in EVM?
[A] Undecided
[B] Other
[C] All of the above
[D] None of the Above
3. 28 Aug 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the historic 'I have a dream' speech of which leader?
[B] Dwight Eisenhower
[C] Churchill
[D] Martin Luther king
4. Who is the author of the book 'Kabuliwalas Bangali Bou' (A Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife)?
[A] Sushmita Banerjee
[B] Taslima Nasreen
[C] Mahasweta Devi
[D] Suchitra Bhattachrya
5. A vaccine for what disease was first administered on Joseph Meister in 1885?
[A] Measles
[B] Rabies
[C] Pneumonia
[D] Polio
6. In 1859, British tea planters set up the world's first club in Silchar to play which sport?
[A] Badminton
[B] Snooker
[C] Polo
[D] Squash
7. In the Mahabharata, who among the following was born after the death of his father?
[A] Janmejay
[B] Parikshit
[C] Pradyumna
[D] Dhrishtadyumna
8. The hearing organs of crickets are located on which part of their body?
[A] Head
[B] Abdomen
[C] Front Legs
[D] Antennae
9. An endangered species of which of these is named after the Indian ornithologist Salim Ali?
[A] Bat
[B] Vulture
[C] Owl
[D] Parrot
10. Who among these was the first Rajya Sabha MP elected from Gujarat to be come Union Finance minister?
[A] Morarji Desai
[B] C D Deshmukh
[C] H M Patel
[D] Pranab Mukherjee
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