KBC 7 11th Episode (28th September 2013)

This quiz consist of all questions that were asked in the 11th episode of KBC 7
1. Which country's national anthem has different lyrics for each of the country's four official languages '“ French, German, Italian, and Romansh?
[A] Liechtenstein
[B] Austria
[C] Switzerland
[D] Romania
2. Which of sarojini Chattopadhyaya's writings so impressed the Nizam of Hyderabad that he granted her a scholarship for higher studies in England?
[A] The Lady of the Lake
[B] The Broke wing
[C] Suttee
[D] Mehar Muneer
3. What is 'Shuddh Desi', according to the title of a recent film starring Parineeti Chopra?
[A] Ghee
[B] Romance
[C] Aam
[D] Girl
4. Which of these can be 'right', 'acute' or 'reflex'?
[A] Circles
[B] Triangles
[C] Angles
[D] Squares
5. In which of the following places would you find yaks in their natural habitat?
[A] Ladakh
[B] Shekhawati region
[C] Chota Nagpur plateau
[D] Vidarbha
6. Which of these sweet dishes looks like Jalebi?
[A] Kalakand
[B] Imarti
[C] Baloo Shahi
[D] Sohan papdi
7. In Indian law, which of these words refers to a person below the age of 18?
[A] Navjat
[B] Nasamajh
[C] Namurad
[D] Nabalig
8. In the Ramayana, which of these kings was cursed that he would die out of agony of separation from his son?
[A] Dashrath
[B] Rama
[C] Bharata
[D] Janaka
9. On 16 Sep 2013, who became the first woman of Indian origin to win the Miss America title?
[A] Bindhu pamarthi
[B] Debelah Morgan
[C] Nina Davuluri
[D] Aarti Mann

Fastest Finger First Questions

10. Arrange these song lyrics acc to the items mentioned in them from top to bottom of the body parts where the items are worn

A. Choodi Kankegi B. Kajra Behkega

C. Bindiya Chamkegi D. Payal Bajegi
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