KBC 2019 Episode 2 All Questions and Answers for FREE

KBC 2019 Episode 2 All Questions and Answers asked on 20th August.

1. Which of these celebrity couples got married most recently?
[A] Anushka, Virat
[B] Priyanka , Nick
[C] Sonam, Anand
[D] Deepika, Ranveer
2. Which of the following film personalities has not won an Oscar Award?
[A] Resul Pookutty
[B] A R Rahman
[C] Gulzar
[D] Bombay Jayashri
3. According to the Mahabharata, in the hermitage of which sage didi Shakuntala meet Dushyanta?
[A] Vyasa
[B] VIshwamitra
[C] Kanva
[D] Rishyashrinhga
4. Gowlia Tank Maidan, Bombay was the launch site of what key Independence movement of 1942?
[A] Quit Indian Movement
[B] Khilafat Movement
[C] Non-Cooperation M0vement
[D] Civil Disobedience Movement
5. Which of these Indian bowlers normally takes the shortest run-up compared to the other three?
[A] Jasprit Bumrah
[B] Mohammed Shami
[C] Bhuvneshwar Kumar
[D] Kuldeep Yadav
6. What is the expanded form of PUBG, the multiplayer online mobile game?
[A] PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
[B] Playerunderbattleground
[C] Play Unknown Bandits and Ghosts
[D] Powerful Big Goalies
7. Which of these first Youtube channel to reach the 100-million subscribers mark?
[A] PewDiePie
[B] T-series
[C] Justin Bieber
8. Niki Lauda, who passed away in May 2019, was a great sportsperson in which of these fields?
[A] Judo
[B] Motor Racing
[C] Chess
[D] Cycling
9. Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of which state?
[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Karnataka
[D] Andhra Pradesh
10. Which TV Game show popularised the catchphrase “Kitne Pratishat Bharatiya……”?
[A] Dus ka Dum
[B] Deal Ya No Deal
[C] Fastest Family First
[D] Khelo Jeeto Jiyo
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