All Questions from 7th Episode of KBC 10 on 11th Sept 2018

All Questions and Answers from 7th Episode of KBC Season 10 on 11th Sept 2018. Play live kbc quiz game with Amitabh Bachan Online.

Starting with the earliest, arrange the following leaders in the order that they first assumed the office of the prime minister of India
A. Lal Bahadur Shastri
B. Indira Gandhi
C. H D Deva Gowda
D. P V Narasima Rao
2. Which of these is a device used to lift heavy objects from the ground?
[A] Jill
[B] Jack
[C] Jones
[D] Jerry
3. Which of these refers to the name of a month in the Hindu Calendar?
[A] Avinash
[B] Advait
[C] Amit
[D] Ashvin
4. What is the primary jersey colour of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings?
[A] Orange
[B] Yellow
[C] Red
[D] Purple
5. Who is the founder of the Biju Janata Dal?
[A] Naveen Patnaik
[B] Biju Patnaik
[C] Janki Ballav Patnaik
[D] Govind Ballav Patnaik
6. Identify the film from this video clip
[A] Chashme Baddoor
[B] Golmal
[C] Padosan
[D] Angoor
7. In 2018, after winning which Grand Slam did Novak Djokovic say, "The grass tasted really well. I had a double portion this year to treatmyself"?
[A] Wimbledon
[B] French Open
[C] Australian Open
[D] US Open
8. Which ruler began the construction of this monument?

[A] Chandragupta I
[B] Chandragupta Maurya
[C] Harshvardhan
[D] Ashoka
9. Which of these banks was founded in Lahore in the 19th century?
[A] Punjab & Sind Bank
[B] Punjab National Bank
[C] UCO Bank
[D] Dena Bank
10. According to Hindu Mythology, who among the following is the charioteer of Lord Surya?
[A] Matali
[B] Jalandhara
[C] Aruna
[D] Chitragupta
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