KBC 10 Episode 50 Questions Answers asked on 9th Nov 2018 - Dr. Rajendra Singh

Questions and Answers from KBC Season 10 Episode 50 on 9th Nov 2018. As our rollover contestant Alima Khatun, leaves the stage with a huge amount. It's time for Karam Veer special and tonight Dr. Rajendra Singh, the waterman of Indian joins us.

1. By what name was the tigress T1, recently shot dead in Maharashtra's Yavatmal district, popularly known?
[A] Machli
[B] Maya
[C] Avni
[D] Sonam
2. On 7 June 1893, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was thrown off the train at which station in South Africa?
[A] Pretoria
[B] Rondebosch
[C] Pinelands
[D] Pietermaritzburg
3. Which Mughal emperor conferred the title of 'Raja' on Raja Ram Mohan Roy?
[A] Akbar II
[B] Bahadur Shah Zafar
[C] Shah Alam II
[D] Shah Jahan III
4. What type of sign are 'alp', 'ardh' and 'poorn', with reference to sentences written in Hindi?
[A] Interrogation marks
[B] Pronunciation symbols
[C] Font symbols
[D] Punctuation marks
5. What are 'kala jamun', 'gulaab jamun' and 'amm shrikhand'?
[A] Fruits
[B] Flowers
[C] Sweets
[D] Trees
6. Which of these substances will settle down at the bottom if mixed with water?
[A] Sugar
[B] Table Salt
[C] Oil
[D] Sand
7. What relation does the heroine share with the hero in this song? (Video: chatur naar badi hoshiyaar song)
[A] Padosan
[B] Chhoti Bahan
[C] Bahurani
[D] Bhabhi
8. This is the logo of a sporting body associated with which sport?

[A] Hockey
[B] Polo
[C] Golf
[D] Snooker
9. Which of these rivers does not originate from a glacier?
[A] Ganga
[B] Narmada
[C] Brahmaputra
[D] Yamuna
10. Which animal is this, which is also state animal of Punjab, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh?

[A] Hangul
[B] Blackbuck
[C] Sangai
[D] Sambar
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