KBC 10 Episode 5 Questions and Answers QUIZ - 7th Sept 2018

KBC Season 10 all questions and answers asked in Episode 5 on 7th Sept 2018. SONY Liv play along KBC questions and answers quiz.

1. What is the sum of the numbers of thieves in the popular story of Ali Baba and the total number of overs bowled in a T20 match?
[A] Forty
[B] Sixty
[C] Eighty
[D] Hundred
2. The National Register of Citizen (NRC) is the list of Indian citizens of which state?
[A] Sikkim
[B] Assam
[C] Meghalaya
[D] Arunachal Pradesh
3. This place of worship belongs to which religion?
[A] Bahai
[B] Zoroastriansim
[C] Jainism
[D] Buddhism
4. Which City hosted more than a lakh of people to perform yoga together and created a Guinness World Record on the occasion of International Day of Yoga, 2018?’
[A] Jaipur
[B] Jodhpur
[C] Kota
[D] Udaipur
5. Who became the first Indian to score a century before lunch in the opening session of a Test Match in June 2018?
[A] Lokesh Rahul
[B] Shikhar Dhawan
[C] Ajinkya Rahane
[D] Rohit Sharma
6. To whom is the patriotic song “De Di Humein Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal” by Kavi Pradeep a tribute?
[A] Bardoli Ke Sardar
[B] Azad Hind Fauj Ke Subhas
[C] Shantiketan Ke Gurudev
[D] Sabarmati Ke Sant
7. Which of these is a title given to the one who is a highly-skilled person or an expert?
[A] Rahbar
[B] Sahib
[C] Faiz
[D] Ustaad
8. In which of these sports would you normally see the referee running on the field?
[A] Cricket
[B] Football
[C] Badminton
[D] Tennis
9. Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Bucket List’ is her film in which language?
[A] English
[B] Hindi
[C] Marathi
[D] Telugu
10. What characteristics of a leopard is used by scientists to identify them individually?
[A] Pugmarks
[B] Spot patterns
[C] Tail
[D] Whiskers
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the answers of these question should be mentioned in the end jusu like they upload in opennaukri.com
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Roz Saiyed 3 years ago Reply

By the grace of God I am selected for KBC 11..
These questions are very helpful to me for gaining knowledge..
Please give other tips also..
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Davinder Singh 3 years ago

Oh glad to listen that you are selected ... congrats
You can attempt all episode wise previous KBC questions to improve your GK skills. We are going to create more quizzes for KBC 2019 preparations soon.