Diwali Special KBC 10 questions and answers from episode 46 on 5th Nov 2018

Diwali Special KBC 10 all questions and answers from episode 46 on 5th Nov 2018. In tonight's Diwali Special episode, Yashrajsinh Dodiya clears the fastest finger first round in less than 4 seconds and makes it to the hot seat. Yash, who is a UPSC aspirant, is eager to apply his knowledge in KBC to win big prize money. After Yash's exit, it's Lakhan Solanki's turn to sit on the hot seat, with a hope of rewriting his destiny and carving a path of his own.

1. Starting with the closest, arrange these planets of our solar system in increasing order of their distance from the sun
A. Venus
B. Uranus
C. Mars
D. Jupiter
2. What name completes this title of a film starring Aamir Khan, “Jo Jeeta Wohi _______”?
[A] Seleucus
[B] Sikandar
[C] Porus
[D] Baazigar
3. Which of these numbers is associated with the first model of an iconic Maruti Suzuki car brand?
[A] 100
[B] 500
[C] 800
[D] 1000
4. This is the icon of which of these?

[A] Linux
[B] Android
[C] Windows
[D] Safari
5. Which of these flowers is the name of the love interest of Aladdin, a Disney character?
[A] Lily
[B] Daisy
[C] Rose
[D] Jasmine
6. By which other name do we popularly know the Hertzian wave as?
[A] Sound waves
[B] Radio waves
[C] Light waves
[D] Matter waves
7. Identify this type of saree traditionally worn by Gujarati brides?

[A] Tanchoi
[B] Pochampally
[C] Gharchola
[D] Paithani
8. Persons having which of these surnames have been both prime minister and president of India?
[A] Sharma
[B] Singh
[C] Rao
[D] Shastri
9. Identify this cricketer (Audio: Regarding paratroopers)
[A] Rohit Sharma
[B] Virat Kohli
[C] Suresh Raina
[D] M S Dhoni
10. Ghatigaon and Karera in MP, Rollapadu in AP, and Naliya grassland in Gujarat are bird sanctuaries mainly for the conservation of which bird?
[A] Great Indian Bustard
[B] Indian Vulture
[C] Peacock
[D] House Sparrow
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