KBC 10 Episode 4 Questions and Answers - 6th Sept 2018 2

KBC Season 10 Questions and Answers asked in Episode 4 on 6th Sept 2018. Live KBC 10Play-Along questions with answers.

1. Which of these measures is the shortest in length?
[A] Half mile
[B] Half foot
[C] Half Yard
[D] Half Metre
2. Which of these is a board game which can normally be played by only two opponents at a time?
[A] Snakes and ladders
[B] Chess
[C] Ludo
[D] Monopoly
3. Where in India is this animal found in its natural habitat?
[A] Ranthambore National Park
[B] Jim Corbett National Park
[C] Gir National Park
[D] Bandipur National Park
4. Which of these is the title of a 2018 Hindi film featuring Rani Mukerji?
[A] Khujli
[B] Sardi
[C] Hichki
[D] Khaansi
5. Common cold, polio and AIDS are diseases caused by which of these organisms?
[A] Bacteria
[B] Virus
[C] Protozoa
[D] Fungus
6. In Which century were the first two battles of Panipat fought?
[A] 15th
[B] 16th
[C] 18th
[D] 17th
7. Which film personality was awarded the 2018 Dadasaheb Phalke Award posthumously?
[A] Shashi Kapoor
[B] Om Puri
[C] Vinod Khanna
[D] Lekh Tandon
8. The twenty-seven daughters of Daksha collectively known as the Nakshatras, are the Wives of which god?
[A] Surya
[B] Chandra
[C] Mangal
[D] Budha
9. Who wrote the Saraswati Vandana “Var de Veenavaadini var de”?
[A] Jaishankar Prasad
[B] Sumitranandan Pant
[C] Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’
[D] Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’
10. Samukha, Vighnaharta, and Ekadanta are other names for which Hindu god?
[A] Brahma
[B] Krishna
[C] Rama
[D] Ganesha
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