Episode 3 - KBC 10 Questions and Answers - 5th Sept 2018

KBC Season 10 Questions and Answers asked in Episode 3 on 5th Sept 2018. Live KBC 10 Play Along questions with answers.

1. The only person to win two individual Nobel Prizes, not shared with anyone else, won them in what fields ?
[A] Chemistry, Physics
[B] Chemistry, Peace
[C] Chemistry, Chemistry
[D] Literature, Peace
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2. Arrange these standard sports teams in each of these disciplines in the increasing order of the number of players in the team on the field during a match.

A. Tennis Doubles
B. Volleyball
C. 4 X 100 relay
D. Cricket
3. Which of these comes in kaali, adrakwali and masala varieties ?
[A] Chai
[B] Chana
[C] Chapati
[D] Chowmein
4. Which of these film titles both include the words "Ek Prem Katha" ?
[A] Damini and Darr
[B] Kick and Holiday
[C] Gadar and Toilet
[D] Piku and Pink
5. In which of these sports are balls, ribbons, ropes, hoops and clubs used ?
[A] Rhythmic gymnastics
[B] Synchronized swimming
[C] Rugby sevens
[D] Beach volleyball
6. In which film did this song feature ?
[A] Singh is King
[B] Khiladi 786
[C] Boss
[D] Singh is Bling
7. What kind of embroidery is this, which is believed to have been popularized by Mughal Empress Noor Jehan ?
[A] Kantha
[B] Chikankari
[C] Gota Patti
[D] Phulkari
8. Which of these creatures produces vermicompost ?
[A] Cockroach
[B] Termite
[C] Earthworm
[D] Centipede
9. Which of these athletes is known by nickname 'Dhing Express' ?
[A] Saikhom Mirabai Chanu
[B] Hima Das
[C] Manika Batra
[D] Manu Bhaker
10. Where would you find this bridge ?
[A] Rishikesh
[B] Kedarnath
[C] Badrinath
[D] Haridwar
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