All Questions and Answers from Episode 27th of KBC 10 on 9th Oct 2018

All Questions and Answers from Episode 27th of KBC 10 on 9th Oct 2018. Abhishek our roll-over contestant leaves the stage, with just nothing but happy thoughts and a big smile. Next is Sonal Tiwari, who is a daughter of a single mom facing the world with a strong determination.

1. This is the logo of which of these companies?

[A] LIC of India
2. The white puffy snack popularly known as ‘Makhana’ comes from which part of the plant?
[A] Flower
[B] Seed
[C] Stem
[D] Root
3. Which instrument is the actor seen playing in this song?

[A] Harmonica
[B] Harmonium
[C] Pump Organ
[D] Accordion
4. After which of these scientists is a process of milk sterilization named?
[A] Alexander Fleming
[B] Louis Pasteur
[C] Humphry Davy
[D] Benjamin Franklin
5. The airport that serves Varanasi is named after which former Prime Minister of India?
[A] Charan Singh
[B] Rajiv Gandhi
[C] Chandrashekhar
[D] Lal Bahadur Shastri
6. What was the Telstar 18 at the FIFA World Cup of 2018?
[A] Official Ball
[B] Official Beverage
[C] Mascot
[D] VAR Technology
7. To enhance the beauty and shape of which of these is the technique of threading used?
[A] Fingers
[B] Ears
[C] Eyebrows
[D] Teeth
8. With reference to sound, what do the letters dB stand for?
[A] Decibel
[B] Dumbbell
[C] Database
[D] Doorbell
9. In which of these Indian states would you find Cyberabad?
[A] Karnataka
[B] Telangana
[C] Maharashtra
[D] Andhra Pradesh
10. What was the middle name of Indira Gandhi?
[A] Priyanka
[B] Kamala
[C] Priyadarshini
[D] Krishna
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