All Questions and Answers from Episode 25th of KBC 10 on 5th Oct 2018

All Questions and Answers from Episode 25th of KBC 10 on 5th Oct 2018. Jagabandhu Basunia our roll-over contestants ends his round winning a huge amount. Now it’s time for the Karam-Veer special, and tonight the personality here is one of the soldiers who has fought in the Taj-Mahal Hotel blast. He has won the title of Iron Man; he is someone who has seen like no other, Pravin Kuman Tevitia. With him his fellow mate Rajiv Cohan. Their will and intelligence will take them forward making them unstopped. Watch the full episode now!

1. Which of these mythological characters had a boon that he could neither be killed during the day nor the night?
[A] Kamsa
[B] Shishupala
[C] Jarasandha
[D] Hiranyakashipu
2. Which of these leaders has served as the chief minister of his or her state for four consecutive terms?
[A] Naveen Patnaik
[B] Mamata Banerjee
[C] Raman Singh
[D] Shivraj Singh Chouhan
3. Who was the Sultan of Delhi when Timur invaded the city?
[A] Firoz Shah Tughlaq
[B] Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah Tughlaq
[C] Muhammad bin Tughlaq
[D] Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
4. Which company, started by Europeans in Calcutta in 1818, was the first modern life insurance company established in India?
[A] General Insurance
[B] Hand in Hand Life Insurance
[C] Oriental Life Insurance
[D] Prudential Life Insurance
5. Which of these is a type of punch in boxing and a kind of shot played played by batsmen in cricket?
[A] Hook
[B] Pull
[C] Drive
[D] Sweep
6. In India, what connects the names Akash, Nag, Trishul, Agni and Dhanush?
[A] Tanks
[B] Missiles
[C] Aircraft
[D] Submarines
7. In which of these states will you find the towns of Manesar and Thanesar?
[A] Haryana
[B] Punjab
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Himachal Pradesh
8. What is the name of the lake on which this sacred building stands?
[A] Banganga
[B] Kusum Sarovar
[C] Amrit Sarovar
[D] Pushkarni
9. In 2018, who among the following won gold medals in men’s freestyle wrestling in both commonwealth and Asian Games?
[A] Sushil Kumar
[B] Pawan Kumar
[C] Yogeshwar Dutt
[D] Bajrang Punia
10. Which pilgrimage is organised by Ministry of External Affairs annually between the months of June and September?
[A] Kedarnath Yatra
[B] Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
[C] Amarnath Yatra
[D] Badrinath Yatra
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