Episode 24th of KBC Season 10 All Questions asked on 4th Oct 2018

Episode 24th of KBC Season 10 All Questions asked on 4th Oct 2018. Tonight’s episode starts with our roll-over contestant Rashmi Rawat, she is a devoted wildlife protector and cares for the environment like no other. Next in line is Jagabandhu Basunia, and Indian service man, who has lots of brains and some rock-hard aspiration to run to the top. Watch the full episode now!

1. Complete this line of a popuar children's song, "Chanda mama door ke, puye pakaaye boor ke, aap khayein thali mein, ____ ko den pyali mein"
[A] Munne
[B] Pappu
[C] Bunty
[D] Happy
2. Which of these has a variant called 'matka'?
[A] Halwa
[B] Rasgulla
[C] Kulfi
[D] Ladoo
3. What does the letter ‘P’ in the abbreviation PTI, an Indian news agency, stand for?
[A] Print
[B] Press
[C] Publication
[D] Prime
4. Which actor is the actress challenging in this song? (Song: aaj na chhodunga tujhe dam dama dam)
[A] Anil Kapoor
[B] Shahrukh Khan
[C] Aamir Khan
[D] Sanjay Dutt
5. Which of these crops is mainly grown by transplantation?
[A] Wheet
[B] Mustard
[C] Gram
[D] Paddy
6. What would you get if you subtract the number of Union Territories in India from the number of states in India?
[A] 20
[B] 22
[C] 29
[D] 25
7. Which actor is speaking these lines in his debut film? (Audio: Mein Jaanta hoon woh log tumhe is baar nahi aane denge, magar ye pawan jo tumhare yahan se ho kar aai hai tumhe chhoo kar nikli hogi, mein ise saans bana kar apne seene mein bar lunga)
[A] Shahid Kapoor
[B] Abhishek Bachchan
[C] Ajay Devgan
[D] Hrithik Roshan
8. Which of these days is also known as ‘Induwasaram’ in Sanskrit?
[A] Mangalvaar
[B] Somvaar
[C] Shanivaar
[D] Ravivaar
9. By what name is the swamp deer better known in India?
[A] Gaur
[B] Hangul
[C] Barasingha
[D] Nilgai
10. Which of these is a type of bank account?
[A] Recent
[B] Immediate
[C] Current
[D] Common
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