KBC 10 Episode 20 Questions and Answers: Karam-Veers Special (INSV Tarini)

All Questions asked in Episode 20 of KBC season 10 on 28th Sep 2018. Kaushik Chakraborty from Naxalbari, West Bengal is roll-over contestant done winning a huge amount in today's episode. It’s time for the Karam-Veers to join in tonight’s stage. These women have seen the sea like no other, in their time of expedition and fighting hurricanes, these phenomenal champions are brought glory to our country. Please welcome the all women navy crew who will change your opinion about women and the sea. Watch the full episode now!

1. If a 24-hour clock shows the time as 21:00, what would be its equivalent in the 12-hour clock?
[A] 3:00 AM
[B] 6:00 AM
[C] 9:00 PM
[D] 9:00 AM
2. If you are filling a form and you check the book stating 'NA', what does it mean?
[A] Not Assigned
[B] Not Applicable
[C] Not Accepted
[D] Not Appreciated
3. What are 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK types of?
[A] Cars
[B] Buses
[C] Shirts
[D] Flats
4. The year mentioned in which of these Hindi films titles is a reference to the year of the Quit India Movement?
[A] 23rd March 1931: Shaheed
[B] 1920: The Evil Returns
[C] 1942: A Love Story
[D] Summer 2007
5. What is the melting point of ice in degree Celsius?
[A] 0 degree
[B] 1 degree
[C] -1 degree
[D] 100 degrees
6. This audio clip features which TV couple?
[A] Daya and Jethalaal Gada
[B] Angoori and Manmohan Tiwari
[C] Hansa and Praful Parekh
[D] Maya and Indravadan Sarabhai
7. Which of these cities is also known as the "Steel City of Odisha"?
[A] Bokaro
[B] Bhilai
[C] Jamesdpur
[D] Rourkela
8. What is the name of the character being referred tio as 'saajan' in this song? (Song: Kabutar Ja Ja Ja, Movie: Maine Pyar Kiya)
[A] Sameer
[B] Rahul
[C] Raj
[D] Prem
9. Which cricket tournament, involving Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, marked Sri Lanka's 70th year of independence?
[A] Basil D'Oliveira Trophy
[B] M J Gopalan Trophy
[C] Nidahas Trophy
[D] Deodhar Trophy
10. What is the validity period of an Aadhaar number in India?
[A] 10 Years
[B] 20 Years
[C] 50 Years
[D] Lifetime
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