KBC practice questions and answers asked in Episode 19 on 27th Sep 2018

KBC Questions and Answers from episode 19th. In tonight's episode, Bishan Kumar continues as a rollover contestant. Bishan Kumar left his job in the city to live in peace at his village. His strive for happiness, which he found by living amidst nature, continues even in KBC as he aims to win big prize money to realise his dreams.

1. Complete this Kabir Doha, “Bada hua to kya hua, jaise ped _______, panthi ko chhaya nahi, phal laage ati door”
[A] Nariyal
[B] Angoor
[C] Tad
[D] Khajoor
2. What is the sum total of any three interior angles of a square?
[A] 270 degrees
[B] 360 degrees
[C] 160 degrees
[D] 180 degrees
3. Which of these goddesses is also known as “Shweta Padmasana”?
[A] Lakshmi
[B] Ganga
[C] Sita
[D] Saraswati
4. Who is this football captain?
[A] Baichung Bhutia
[B] Sunil Chhetri
[C] Jeje Lalpekhlua
[D] Sandesh Jhingan
5. Which of these states shares its boundary with only one neighbouring country of India?
[A] Uttarakhand
[B] Sikkim
[C] Bihar
[D] West Bengal
6. With which tragic incident would you associate this image?

[A] 1993 Bombay Blasts
[B] 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy
[C] 2002 Gujarat Earthquake
[D] 2004 Tsunami
7. Arrange these presidents of India in chronological order of their president-ship
A. A P J Abdul Kalam
B. Pranab Mukherjee
C. Ram Nath Kovind
D. Pratibha Patil
8. Which among these Hindu festivals is generally prefixed with the word 'Maha'?
[A] Holi
[B] Shivratri
[C] Diwali
[D] Rakshabandhan
9. "Barf ka gola" is also known as by which of these names?
[A] Goli Soda
[B] Thandai
[C] Kulfi
[D] Chuski
10. According to a Hindi proverb, what does "baachhein khilana" mean?
[A] Happy
[B] Sad
[C] Fresh
[D] Impatient
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