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All questions and answers asked in KBC Season 10th Episode 17th on 25 Sep 2018. Faiz Mohammad Khan a teacher from M.P has secured his place in the K.B.C stage tonight. His journey and motivation are worth saluting and how an ordinary man possesses extraordinary skills. Our next contestant is someone from the deepest of our society but his will to bring better days for his children has brought him here. Watch the full episode now!

11. Which of these can multiple only in the living cells of animals, plants or bacteria?
[A] Fungus
[B] Protozoa
[C] Virus
[D] Algae
12. Which is the only one of these combinations that is correctly paired?
[A] National Anthem – Vande Mataram
[B] National Song – Jana Gana Mana
[C] National Animal – Lion
[D] National Language- None
13. What was the other popular name by which the ruler Nasir-ud-din Muhammad was known?
[A] Akbar
[B] Humayun
[C] Jahangir
[D] Babur
14. Which of these organisations is the only one to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize three times?
[B] UN Peacekeeping Force
[C] Red Cross
[D] Medecins Sans Frontieres
15. Arrange the following countries in increasing order of their land areas
A. Sri Lanka
B. China
D. Pakistan
D. India
16. Which of these is a common ingredient in idli, biryani and kheer?
[A] Rice
[B] Milk
[C] Sugar
[D] Coconut
17. Which of these animals cannot jump?
[A] Frog
[B] Elephant
[C] Cat
[D] Monkey
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