KBC 10 Episode 17 Questions and Answers Quiz - 25th Sep 2018

All questions and answers asked in KBC Season 10th Episode 17th on 25 Sep 2018. Faiz Mohammad Khan a teacher from M.P has secured his place in the K.B.C stage tonight. His journey and motivation are worth saluting and how an ordinary man possesses extraordinary skills. Our next contestant is someone from the deepest of our society but his will to bring better days for his children has brought him here. Watch the full episode now!

1. Arrange these political parties in chronological order of their foundation
A. Indian National Congress
B. Bhartiya Janata Party
C. Aam Aadmi Party
D. All India Trinamool Congress
2. What is the missing word in this Shah Rukh Khan film title, "Raju Ban Gaya ___ "?
[A] Officer
[B] Gentleman
[C] Hero
[D] Baap
3. Which of these phrases is most appropriate when you are avoiding something or someone?
[A] Pench Ladana
[B] Kanni Kaatna
[C] Dheel dena
[D] Maanjha Lapetna
4. Which of these terms is not associated with football?
[A] Penalty kick
[B] Direct free kick
[C] Offside
[D] Penalty stroke
5. Which of these is also known as the "festival of sacrifice"?
[A] Eid-ul-Adha
[B] Eid-ul-Fitr
[C] Milan-un-Nabi
[D] Chehlum
6. The characters in this video are preparing for a tournament in which of these sports?

[A] Wrestling
[B] Weightlifting
[C] Boxing
[D] Athletics
7. Within which of these mediums is the speed of sound fastest?
[A] Vacuum
[B] Air
[C] Water
[D] Steel
8. Whose voice is this? (Audio: talking about mera joota hai japani)
[A] Gulzar
[B] Javed Akhtar
[C] Nida Fazli
[D] Saleem Khan
9. Who is this internationally celebrated author?
[A] Devdutt Patnaik
[B] Siddartha Mukherjee
[C] Rohinton Mistry
[D] Vikram Seth
10. Which of these teams has not played their first ever cricket Test match against India?
[A] Bangladesh
[B] Afghanistan
[C] Ireland
[D] Zimbabwe
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