KBC Season 10 all questions asked in Episode 16th on 24th Sep 2018

KBC Season 10 All questions asked in Episode 16th on 24th Sep 2018. Ishita Mer wins the fastest finger first round and gets a chance to sit on the hot seat. Her inspiration is her parents, who were government servants. Ishita's teacher considers Mr. Amitabh Bachchan his inspiration. Thanks to Ishita, the teacher gets a chance to meet his inspiration.

1. Arrange these events of Indian history in the last hundred years in chronological order.
A. First Nuclear Test
B. Quit India Movement
C. Adoption of the Constitution
D. Implementation of GST
2. Which of these is the title of a series on Sony entertainment television?
[C] IB
3. Which of these food items is usually baked and not deep fried?
[A] Bhatura
[B] Puri
[C] Medu Vada
[D] Kulcha
4. Which of these proverbs has the same meaning as the proverb "Oonchi Dukaan pheeke pakwaan"?
[A] Naam Bade aur darshan chhote
[B] Jaisi karni vaisi bharni
[C] Jaisa raja vaisi praja
[D] Aap bhale toh jag bhala
5. Which festival is being celebrated in this song? (song: udi udi jaye dil ki patang)

[A] Navratri
[B] Diwali
[C] Makar Sankranti
[D] Janamashtami
6. The next edition of which of these will be held in 2021 in India?
[A] Presidential Elections
[B] Census of India
[C] Lok Sabha Elections
[D] Rajya Sabha Elections
7. With which game is the term castling associated?
[A] Field hockey
[B] Carrom
[C] Kabaddi
[D] Chess
8. Which famous electric car company is named after a great inventor and scientist?
[A] Fiat
[B] Toyota
[C] Tesla
[D] Chevrolet
9. Identify this youth leader from his voice
[A] Umar Khalid
[B] Kanhaiya Kumar
[C] Jignesh Mehwani
[D] Hardik Patel
10. In which author’s honour did Mahatama Gandhi name his colony or ashram in 1910 in Transvaal, South Africa?
[A] Maxim Gorki
[B] Voltaire
[C] Karl Marx
[D] Leo Tolstoy
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