KBC 10 Episode 1st Questions and Answers asked on 3rd Sept 2018

Kaun Banega Crorepati returns for Season 10 with Amitabh Bachchan as host. The show will air from Monday to Friday at 9 pm and will have a solid 60-episode run as opposed to last year's 52 episodes. Season 10 promises to be a visual delight for the viewers with the well-integrated use of augmented reality making television viewing a truly phenomenal experience.

This season of KBC will be seen running a campaign called #KabTakRokoge, which will celebrate the spirit of resilience in people. The drive will evoke the emotions of every KBC aspirant.

Here we will update KBC 10 1st Episode Questions with answers. You can also play live on KBC Play Along on Sony LIV Mobile app. With this app viewers can enjoy the thrill of the game show by participating and matching their power of knowledge with the contestants on the hot seat simultaneously. Daily prizes are up for grabs and viewers can work towards maintaining their position on the leader-board so that they may also have an opportunity to feature on the show in the finale week as a participant. Furthermore, one lucky winner will stand a chance to win a Mahindra Marazzo.


Fastest Finger First Question
1. Arrange these landmark events in India's Space Programme in chronological order

A. Announcement of Gaganyaan
B. Launch of Mangaluaan
C. Launch of Aryabhata
D. Formation of ISRO
2. The trigger of a gun is, colloquially, also known as what ?
[A] Haathi
[B] Baagh
[C] Ghoda
[D] Oant
3. Which of these dishes is not a single item but has two separate components ?
[A] Batata vada
[B] Dal makhni
[C] Puran poli
[D] Puri bhaji
4. Which of these numbers is normally required to verify a trasaction, when shopping online using a debit or credit card ?
5. In the film 'Pad Man', the character of Akshay kumar invents a low-cost machine to make what ?
[A] Paddy crushers
[B] Sanitary pads
[C] Writing pads
[D] Knee pads
6. Which of these substances is composed of only two elements - hydrogen and oxygen ?
[A] Water
[B] Salt
[C] Sugar
[D] Blood
7. "Nabhah Sparsham Deeptam", the motto of Indian Air Force, is taken from which ancient work ?
[A] Garuda Purana
[B] Valmiki Ramayan
[C] Bhagwad Gita
[D] Mundaka Upanishad
8. Who was chief minister of Karnataka immediately before H D Kumaraswamy succeeded him to the post in May 2018 ?
[A] B S Yeddyurappa
[B] Siddaramaiah
[C] Dharam Singh
[D] D V Sadananda Gowda
9. In which of these events at Commonwealth Games 2018 did the finals have two Indians competing for gold medal ?
[A] Men's Singles Badminton
[B] Women's Singles Table Tennis
[C] Men's Singles Table Tennis
[D] Women's Singles Badminton
10. In which language are these words in the beginning of a song from a popular Hindi film ?
[A] Punjabi
[B] Kashmiri
[C] Dogri
[D] Garhwali
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Md Nuruzza 3 years ago Reply

Good site

RAJNATH YADAV 4 years ago Reply

Ans of 8 Q is wrong. The correct ans is B option

rylapwan 4 years ago

he was cm only for 2 or 3 days in 2018 before floor test..

Rahul Upadhyay 4 years ago Reply

Qestion no 8 . answer is wrong that,s right answer is siddaramiah is former cm before HD kumar swammy

Vishnu Sheth 4 years ago Reply

Number 8 is wrong. It was Siddarmiah who was the CM right before HDK became the CM. Not Yeddurappa

nk 4 years ago

are bhai aap log bhool gaye, yedurappa kuch din ke liye bane the cm and then he had to resign due to less numbers