KBC 7 4th Episode (21st August 2014 )

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 episode 4 aired on 21st August 2014 all questions and answers are here.
1. In a circle, which of these is half of the diameter ?
[A] Area
[B] Center
[C] Circumference
[D] Radius
2. Identify the politician from the audio clue ?
[A] Rajnath Singh
[B] Harsh Vardhan
[C] Amit Shah
[D] Nitin Gadkari
3. About whom did the poet write, "Lakshmi thhi ya Durga thhi woh swayam veerta ki avtar, dekh marathe pulkit hote uski talwaron ke waar" ?
[A] Rani Durgavati
[B] Jhansi Ki Rani
[C] Rani Ahilyabai Holkar
[D] Rani Padmavati
4. Where was Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade posted when she was arrested in visa case in 2013 ?
[A] England
[B] Switzerland
[C] United States of America
[D] Russia
5. Which of these gases is named for its color ?
[A] Helium
[B] Methane
[C] Oxygen
[D] Chlorine
6. Which queen did Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas, serve in the guise of Sairandhari for one year ?
[A] Sanjana
[B] Satyavati
[C] Satyabhama
[D] Sudeshna
7. Which newspaper once kept its editorial column blank as a mark of protest against the Emergency of 1975 ?
[A] Hindustan Times
[B] The Indian Express
[C] The Hindu
[D] The Times of India
8. What aspect about a person is known by the the words 'natkhat' and 'manmauji' ?
[A] Height
[B] Skin color
[C] Nature
[D] Marital status
9. Which demon is shown alongside Goddess Durga in puja pandals during the traditiona; Durga Puja celebrations ?
[A] Bakasura
[B] Vanasura
[C] Bhasmasura
[D] Mahishasura
10. In which of these sports are terms 'reverse sweep' and 'reverse swing' used ?
[A] Football
[B] Cricket
[C] Badminton
[D] Tennis
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