Episode 3 ( 20 August 2014 ) of KBC Season 8 Questions

This quiz consist of all the questions and answers of Kaun Banega Crorepati Episode 3
1. Effective 1 May 2014, the European Union imposed a temporary ban on the import of which of these fruits from India ?
[A] Banana
[B] Litchi
[C] Mango
[D] Pineapple
2. Where did Homi Jehangir Bhabha, the principal architect of India's nuclear energy program, die in a plane crash ?
[A] Mont Blanc
[B] Monte Rosa
[C] Mount Ararat
[D] Mount Elbrus

Whose autobiography is titled 'Man of Everest' also published as 'Tiger of the Snows' ?

[A] Sir Edmund Hillary
[B] George Mallory
[C] Major H P S Ahluwalia
[D] Tenzing Norgay
4. What is a gulaab-janum a type of ?
[A] A flower
[B] A fruit
[C] A tree
[D] A sweet
5. In the film '2 States' the Punjabi boy falls in love with a ...... girl ?
[A] Bengali
[B] Marathi
[C] Tamil
[D] Malayali
6. What is the minimum number of coins of current denominations that will add up to make eight Indian rupees ?
[A] Two
[B] Three
[C] Four
[D] Five
7. Which of these sports has 22 players playing on the field at a time ?
[A] Cricket
[B] Hockey
[C] Rugby
[D] Basketball
8. Who is singing these lines of the very popular song (audio clip) ?
[A] Alia Bhatt
[B] Kareena Kapoor
[C] Shruti Haasan
[D] Shraddha Kapoor
9. Which one of these countries is larger than India in terms of area ?

[A] Australia
[B] Argentina
[C] Kazakhstan
[D] Iran

Who recently became the first woman director in the Board of Reliance Industries ?

[A] Kokilaben Ambani
[B] Deepti Salgaonkar
[C] Nita Ambani
[D] Nina Kothari
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Kulwant Khatri 1 year ago Reply

quiet interesting quiz.I AM KBC FANQ1 and interested to play quizees. thanks .