Java Programming - Data Types Questions and Answers

Java Data Types Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Interviews. Java Data Types Means all variables must first be declared before they can be used.
1. which of the following is the smallest integer data type ?
[A] int
[B] long
[C] byte
[D] short
2. which of the following is not a primitive data type.
[A] byte
[B] short
[C] enum
[D] int
3. which value can not store character data type.
[A] Digit
[B] Special character
[C] String
[D] Letter
4. which of the following data types comes under floating data types ?
[A] byte
[B] int
[C] float
[D] long
5. Range of byte data type is ?
[A] -128 to 255
[B] -128 to 256
[C] -128 to 127
[D] -127 to 128
6. In order to fetch stream of data from network or file, following data type used ?
[A] double
[B] char
[C] int
[D] byte
7. what is size of integer in java programming.
[A] 4 bytes
[B] 5 bytes
[C] 2 bytes
[D] 8 bytes
8. How many byte will byte data type take in java ?
[A] 1
[B] 2
[C] 3
[D] 4
9. which data type can store  64 bit value ?
[A] double
[B] int
[C] long
[D] float
10. Short data type has a minimum value of……….. ?
[A] -32767
[B] -2,147,483,648
[C] -32768
[D] -127
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